Mar 4, 2013

Our Weekend

     I normally don’t wander too far off topic but I want to share our weekend and a lesson in “failed” trips. My best friend of over nine years came up for the weekend so we could visit. I love it when her and her girls come up because we try to do a fun activity while they are here. This particular weekend there was a request to visit a hot springs. We have several hot springs in our area and LOVE to visit them a few times each year. I made the suggestion that we take a hike and visit our favorite spot. The only issue is it’s a two and half mile hike (five total). Most of the hike is gently sloping trails but the very beginning and near the top (pictured bellow) are rather steep. The views are breathtaking and make you feel like your standing on the top of the world.IMG_0644



IMG_0647               IMG_0649        IMG_0650

     We had five kids with us (from 12 to 3) and all but one LOVED the trip, the other one, well she wasn't’ to happy (except the swimming). Oh well, you can’t win them all.



     I felt really bad on the way down because my friend started having allergy problems that turned into breathing problems. It was a very LONG hike back down and truthfully not much fun. Somewhere between thinking I may have to carry my friend down the mountain and her youngest thinking we were going to die that night, I was very grateful to my parents for our “failed” trips. I recall at least a few “failed” trips, times when despite my parents best planning and intensions things just didn’t go according to plan. I realized that from those trips I learned more about determination, willpower, and attitude than at any other point in my life. “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade". My friend is fine (maybe a little traumatized) but I’m sure she will never go on a hike with us again.


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