Sep 9, 2012

Our School Room

     Since moving we have had the blessing of having an actual room just for school. When we have project that are not finished they can stay out and it’s not a big deal. It truly has been a blessing for us and I’m not sure how we ever managed without it. I have rearranged a few times trying to “tweak” it to work best for us, the space we have, and the flow of our day.


     Here is the school room overview. I am standing at the top of the school room steps, the dinning area is to the left and the front room is to the right.

IMG_0439  IMG_0440

     This is the calendar area, our calendar themed books, and some calendar themed tot pack work for Bean. Inside the desk are some scrapbooking scissors, colored pencils, crayons, markers, tape, glue, and a small stapler. The large plastic tote under the desk has coloring books, construction paper, magazines and catalogs for cut up, and any “mess-up” printer papers I have. If it’s in that bin it’s fair game to be cut up, colored on, ripped apart and glued/taped/stapled.


     Our All About Spelling board (bought at Costco). On the small shelf are a few additional art supplies, bookmarks, our abacus, small chalk board used for handwriting(bought at the $$ store), the long basket on the second shelf has our Math U See blocks, the red plastic tub is our done basket that I check each week, next to those are our Crayola Dry Erase Activity Boards, and on the bottom shelf are some reference material (dictionaries, thesaurus, atlas). On the tall self: Top shelf- the kid’s portfolio binders, acrylic paints and extra craft items. Second Shelf; One Minute Reader sets, Tag reader phonics books, Phonics Tales books (bought at Costco for a lot less). Third Shelf; All about Reading books, school movies case, Bob books, Starfall books, Preschool Prep Sight Word Readers, and Brand New Readers. The middle shelf has our “easy reader” collection, an assortment of books leveled on the accelerated reader system rated from about 1.2 all the way to 3.0 (see this post for more information). The fifth shelf has most of our go to favorite books, such as Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, Snow Day, Hug, The Sagy Bagy Elephant, and MANY more. The bottom shelf has more reference material, some of our chapter books, a few regular Tag books, and all of Sis’s American Girl books.


     Here is were we keep our library books (that obviously need a larger tub). The kids each have morning binders and their Drops in the Bucket Math that they do each morning, those are kept in the blue tub next to the workboxes. We have calendar time each morning and sprawl out on the carpet to go through all the different items here (specific calendar post to follow next week). The large red and white poke-a-dot bag is for carrying library books back and forth. The kid’s schedule strips are on top of their workboxes.


   The top of the large bookcase is for extras that will be used this year but are not currently needed. Then we have two shelves for games and extras. The middle shelf is for most of our informational books. The next to last shelf is for Montessori type work that is occasionally rotated (when I remember). Bean’s puzzles are on the bottom shelf. I have three puzzles out at all times, I also have three baskets for the pieces. Bean went through a phase where she would take one piece out and put it right back in. So to promote her actually working at the puzzles, I take the pieces out of each puzzle and place them in a small basket to the side. The small shelf houses more Montessori type work (mainly language), our sensory tub, our Mellissa and Doug beginning Pattern block set, sandpaper letters (we have #s, upper and lower case), our ipad is housed in the plastic shoe box on the top (mounted by Velcro to the shelf), the small yellow basket has letter writing material, and there are some trays, and a few other activities to the side. In the corner is a bean bag pillow and blankets so the kids have a small nook to read/play the ipad.


     Sorry, I know this picture is hard to see but I tried about ten times to take a better picture with no luck, we have a really bright school room. The white cabinet to the left houses our manipulative material, counters, base ten blocks, balance scale, bug houses, and sensory tub items. On top of the cabinet is my laminator, my box of items that still need laminating/cutting, and our letter sound bins. Each one of the kids has a crate seat and in those are their extra papers (non school papers/art projects that don’t have a home) and magazines. In the back under the window is my cedar chest that has some blankets and our extra books that will not be used this year. The items on top of the chest are my teacher manuals, binders, school games, and extra “Mom” items.


     The filing cabinet has Beans All About Reading Pre-level 1 poster on the side, on top is my supply basket (things I don’t want Bean into) and the red basket (for Bean’s tot-packs). Inside the filing cabinet is our Letter of the Week curriculum, You Can Read material, K4 Curriculum material, and other school material organized by subject.

     On top of the other white cabinet I have my homeschool catalogs, more games, and odds and ends that seem to multiply. Inside the cabinet is extra school stuff; paper, cardstock, craft foam, glue, baskets, notebooks, binders, glue, and all other supply type items.

     The small shelf is more for fun/fill in the time items. We have a child size guitar and the rug basket to the side. On the shelves there are Duplo blocks, wooden blocks (not our exact set but similar), thistle blocks (not our exact set but similar), our marble run (bought used), the kid’s travel books and Bean’s Leap Frog Fridge Phonics set (we have the old set and LOVE them). There is a small magnetic white board to the side of the shelf for Bean to play with them on. The top of the shelf holds our lap desks, CD player, and some school cleaning items (duster, wipes & trash bags). The plastic drawers have hands on extras; play dough, play dough mats, letter stampers (upper and lowercase), audio books, teddy bear pattern and sorting set, and small stuffed animals for the kids to practice reading to. On the top of the plastic drawers is our school music (mainly from here).


     Last but never least our favorite “school” item is the cat (and her corner). I’m not sure where she was when I was taking pictures, but she is a regular in the school room. The kids love to “teach” her all kind of things, I’m sure she should be about second grade at this point :-). Do you have a school room “mascot”? I hope you enjoyed our school room tour and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask, I would love to hear from you.


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  2. What a beautiful homeschool room. It looks like you are very organized! :)


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