Aug 31, 2012

2012-2013 Curriculum Updates

    Before I start into too much detail about curriculum I wanted to share what we are doing this year for school. We are homeschooling,  sort of. The program I decided on is almost exactly like “regular” homeschool, except it’s public. The difference being that I have to send a monthly progress update to our contact teacher and the kids (Boo and Sis) have to take Idaho state tests. 

     Sis started the program mid school year last year and I really like how it’s setup. We receive a designated allotment to purchase curriculum that they have selected to help meet state standards. I get to pick out all the kids curriculum and if I want to use something that is not in there “catalog” I just purchase it out of pocket. I really like the fact that I still get to decide what curriculum we use, there is not a set amount we have to finish each day/week, and I control the hours. Basically for us at this point it’s what works.



4th Grade (9 yrs old)

    Language Arts- Boo has struggled with his reading since kindergarten. He will be using a program called S.P.I.R.E. for his reading/phonics program, it’s an Orton Gillingham based program designed specifically for struggling readers. He will also be using All About Spelling Level 2, All About Reading Level 2 readers, Week-by-week Writing Curriculum, earobics Home Step 1, and First Language Lessons.

     Math- Math Connects, Dreambox, Drops in the Bucket Math, and several ipad apps that I will share later.

     Social Studies- Sterling Ties Rendezvous with Idaho History. We will be using the games and audio CDs so Boo doesn’t have to struggle through reading the entire book.

     Science- Science Fusion

     Other- Cub Scouts (Bear)



1st Grade (6 years old)

     Language Arts- Ordinary Parents Guide to Reading, Starfall, Week by Week Writing Curriculum, First Language Lessons, All About Spelling Level 1, All About Reading readers, earobics Home Step 1, and Explode the Code.

     Math- Math Connects, Dreambox, and Drops in the Bucket Math.

     Science- Science Fusion

     Social Studies- online readers (I don’t think you can get them without being a school, sorry no link) and LOTS of books.

     Other- ballet



Pre-K (3 years old)

     This year Bean is “officially” starting school, last year she did “school” for entertainment but this year she will actually have work to do each day.

     Language Arts- All About Reading Pre- Level 1, Starfall, tot packs, preschool printables, books, books, books, and Montessori work.

     Math- tot packs, preschool printables,  Montessori work, and ipad apps.

    We don’t officially start school until September 3rd and I’m still not sure I’m completely ready. I have papers to print (does that ever end??) and calendar cards to laminate, last minute details.  I’m really excited for this year, Sis will become a more fluent reader and move past some of her readers, Bean is officially one of the “big” kids this year, and hopefully we can figure out how to help Boo read effectively. When do you start? Have you already started?


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