Jan 13, 2012

Our week

     This week has been more productive than I expected (and previous weeks). I think (hope) we are settling into a new routine. I’m finally “done” with the school room, the layout seems to flow now. I had the floor layout very open before and the kids seemed to think it was a rumpus room instead of a school room, I couldn’t get them to focus, so we now have a small shelf dividing the room. I revamped our old dinning table, painted it and shortened the legs, I’m now in LOVE with it (I HATED it before), it works perfect for us and all it cost was a few cans of spray paint and a couple days of work.

IMG_0148  IMG_0150

IMG_0143  IMG_0144 IMG_0145

     Boo has been a cooking fool this week. He has cooked dinner once (with out any help, just supervision), cupcakes once, and a cake once. He has always enjoyed cooking and I am more than happy to take “school” into the kitchen so he can see first hand why reading and math are so important.

 IMG_0097  IMG_0098  IMG_0101

     He has been making great steps with wanting to do his reading work, which says a lot.


     He also decided that he needed a lesson in how to iron clothes.


     There was lots of art this week (some still in our PJs).

IMG_0031 IMG_0127  IMG_0129

     Bean started her own water transfer activity in the kitchen sink and rather than tell her no I decided to humor her a little and set up an activity for her, it kept her busy for almost an hour. She has been working with same/different and she now has a daily chore to help reinforce the concept, putting the silverware away. We have a divided tray, I lay one utensil in each slot, make sure there are no knifes in the basket and let her sort the silverware, she loves being helpful.

                                      IMG_0136  IMG_0141

 IMG_0027 IMG_0024

     I have been working on putting together several different types of Montessori material for the kids. I was able to finish our movable alphabet. The sandpaper letters are almost complete and several are already on the shelf and in use.

IMG_0154 IMG_0152


     I was cutting out our pink scheme material and Sis decided she had to snatch some of the cards to read, she was able to sound out all the words and I was very impressed. I am so amazed that two siblings can have such different reading experiences, Boo struggles and has to spend so much time “learning” and practicing his reading, and Sis who spends almost no time “learning” and just absorbs everything, reading just seem natural to her.

     I hope everyone has a great weekend. I get to spend the weekend with my best friend, who lives four hours away. She and her girls are coming to get the grand house tour, so my weekend should be great.




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