Jan 4, 2012

Crafty Homeschool is 1 year old

     It was one year ago today that I started Crafty Homeschool as a way to share what we were doing. It has been a fantastic year! I want to thank all my “followers” first and foremost, thank you for all the nice comments.

     My first post ever was “Movie Mayhem”. It was our movie organizer. I was sick of having DVDs and cases all over, I would have a DVD in the machine and the case would end up under the couch.

IMG_0042  IMG_0043IMG_0044

     Everything has remained relatively the same with the exception of, all the “house” DVDs/CDs are in one case, not two like before. We do have another case with additional DVDs/CDs for school and that stays in the school room (the kids don’t have access), I also have a stack of Christmas DVDs that are brought out when we put up the Christmas tree and then packed once the tree is put up. I am still as much in love now as I was then. I did change the tabs to the labels folded over, it looks a little nicer that way then with the tape.

image   image

     I made new check out cards I would like to share. Each member has a card, write there name at the top, cut apart, laminate, place in a central location or let each person be responsible for there own card (depending on there age). Then when they want a movie/game they take the DVD out and put the card right in, I know who has what when we’re looking for it, it’s self maintaining, and no cases (more shelf space).




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