Dec 14, 2011

November Sensory Tub

     I just realized that I didn’t post Novembers sensory tub. I’m trying to get all caught up, seems like time is flying by. November’s tub was pretty simple but the kids seemed to love it.


     I wanted to find some additional items to put in the tub but that just never happened. The medium was popcorn and there where plastic leaves, tongs, a small Tupperware pitcher, a spoon, one of the stacking cups (left in there from October), a scoop, and a homemade funnel (2 L bottle with cap removed and the top part cut off).

IMG_0048  IMG_0058  IMG_0055  IMG_0057

     The kids had a friend visit a couple of weeks ago and he was madly in love with the funnel and the sensory tub. Please excuse the girls clothes, they have been in a dress up phase here of late and wear all sorts of interesting combinations :-).




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