Dec 13, 2011

Easy Reader Self

   Over the last couple of weeks I have been in the process of unpacking LOTS of books. Some of them just reading books, some are school books, and some are reference/future use books. More than any other category I want to utilize the “reading” books. Sis and Bean can’t keep there noses out of books, Boo on the other hand is more of a challenge. He no longer fights me to read one on one but still doesn't “like” to read. He will sit with books for extended periods and look at pictures, but reading, forget it. If he wants to know what something says he asks me. I think the majority of the problem is he picks books that are too advanced for his reading level, as an aid for Boo (and Sis) to know what books would be a better fit I made an “easy” reader self on one of the bookcases (they call them the blue books).


     I started by looking up the AR reading level here, and writing that number in the upper corner of the title page. Then I took blue painter's tape and ran it along the edge of the shelf so it could be seen easily (but easily removable at a later time). Next I cut a 2-3 inch strip of tape for each book and put in on the spine. It was that easy. I put books between a 1.0 (I think that’s the lowest) and about a 3.4 (third grade, fourth month) on the shelf that gives the kids an assortment of reading levels, some easy and some more challenging. On the self there is also our Bob book basket (a big hit in our house, we have 5 sets), our Starfall books (another love for us, especially with the web site) and the kid’s “magic” pointers, (a chop stick with glitter mod-podged on the end of it) so Boo will look at the word he is trying to read, rather than everywhere but.





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