Nov 16, 2011

Finally Ours

     It’s official, the house is ours! We just signed the papers today. We will not get the keys until tomorrow or Friday, but it’s final. I can breath a sigh of relief, I’m REALLY excited now. I have been a little hesitant to let myself get too excited  because you never know until the final papers are signed. The kids are very excited for things to get back to normal and to finally have a room just for our school work. No more fighting the front room VS school room battle.

     I have a few posts written in my head that I will hopefully get together before Thanksgiving. One is a turkey activity, I just have to figure out which box the hot glue gun is in when we’re done moving, and I need to add the rest of the items for the sensory bin once I unpack them, I thought I had everything I needed still out for our November bin, but I didn’t. Our school room is #1 on the “put together” list, besides the kitchen and I will post pictures as I finish.

     I posted about our Halloween sensory bin but I have not shared the kid’s costumes. Sis was a fairy (last minute change), Bean was a ladybug, and Boo was a ninja (not his top pick, but it was the only costume that would fit). I really wanted to make them this year but it’s been a little crazy here, so we just used what we had on hand.


 IMG_0015    IMG_0016     IMG_0017

Thanks and have a great weekend.



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