Oct 18, 2011

A House to call HOME

     I have been up to my knees in number crunching, paper signing and phone call making. The last couple of weeks have been a blur, it all started out with me getting a whim that I should try to see if we could get prequalified for a home loan. Now honestly I’m not exactly sure what urged me to apply, but I did, not expecting much. We have been looking at buying a place for years but it never seemed like the right time, then the recession hit and I’m very glade we had decided to wait.

     We currently live in a 720 sq ft, two bedroom, one bath home. We have NO room and I am tired of tripping over everything!!! That may have been my breaking point, I have been siting on a fence balancing between loving homeschool and hating it, not because I hate homeschool (I LOVE spending time and teaching my kids), but I am overwhelmed by the amount of “stuff” homeschooling requires. I have debated sending both of the two older kids to public school, not because I thought that was better but because 720 sq ft is just not enough room for a family of 5 who homeschools. I NEED organization, every thing has a place and every thing in it’s place, except when there aren’t enough places to put those things.

     After some paperwork, getting prequalified and a few phone calls we decided to start looking. We picked an agent, explained to her what we wanted and gave her a list of five or six we wanted to look at. Thursday, last week we set out with Bean to look at about 8 houses. The realtor decided that we needed to look at one that was not on our list, so we humored her. The minute my husband and I walked in the front door we felt at home. There was no disputing the fact we had feelings for that house, it seemed to welcome us. Honestly I would never have even looked twice at it from the outside, but I could hug our realtor for showing it to us.


     So here is what will become the front room. We are all set except the final paperwork and the keys (still three to four weeks away). If you look at the area behind the small bookcase there is a drop down area, that will become our “schoolroom”. Off to the left will be our dinning area.  The closet doors are a pantry and the open door is a bathroom and way to the left, out of the picture, is the kitchen.


     You are looking at the front door while standing in the dinning area, off to the left will be our new school room area, and the kitchen is to the right.


     This would be standing in the “schoolroom”. That’s a propane stove and the only carpet in the whole house, not sure if that will be good or bad at this point. The French doors lead to the back yard.


     The kitchen, defiantly a HUGE improvement from our current one. This is so long overdue I really want to cry out of gratitude, I think things are being rushed by the man upstairs, the pieces seem to be falling into place. So now that you have seen what we’re praying will become our new home I’m going to make an apology. The next few weeks will be VERY busy here so please excuse me if my posts are few and far between. I am starting to pack so someone can move in our current home as soon as we are out, filling out more papers, more phone calls, and trying to maintain some sanity. We are hoping to be in before Thanksgiving, so by then we may be back to “norm”.




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