Sep 28, 2011

Water Stacking


     Today the kids and I did an “experiment” that involved water density. Obviously my kids are still a little young to fully understand density but they do understand heavy and light so when helping them understand I explained that the more salt added to the water the heavier it becomes. They also understand the heavy things usually sink, light things float.

What you will need:

-Salt (regular table salt)

-four clear glasses (or jars)

-spoons (something to stir with)

-food color

-measuring spoon and cup


In glass #1 mix one drop of blue food color, 3 tbsp salt, and a cup of warm water, mix well.

In glass #2 mix one drop of yellow food color, 2 tbsp salt, and a cup of warm water, mix well.

In glass #3 mix one drop of red food color, 1 tbsp and a cup of warm water, mix well.


     I was going to experiment with different amounts of salt but we ran out of time, so with older kids you could try different amounts of salt and compare the layers.



     Now add the blue to the fourth jar (fill about 1/4 of the way up), then add the yellow, I used a turkey baster but a spoon will work, add yellow slowly, (fill up to about 3/4 full). Then top the jar off with the red, adding it slowly. I think our table was being bumped a little too much and the colors mixed more then I wanted.


     When the kids got to see the final results Bean said it was a rainbow, I think they where all a little impressed. We let the jar sit for several hours and the layers slowly mixed and ended up a mucky grey color. This was a fairly quick, easy and mostly mess less project, so enjoy.


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