Sep 14, 2011

A Very Busy Couple of Weeks

     I guess the saying “time flies when your having fun” is true. I have been so busy the last couple of weeks I lost track of time.

     This summer wasn’t much of a summer for us and I NEEDED to get out of the house and take a break.  We made a weekend trip to Craters of the Moon National Park near Arco ID. It was a blast. It was the break I needed, the kids had fun and ended up exhausted from all the hiking and even learned tons of new information. If you ever make it to Idaho you should defiantly stop by and look around. Unfortunately I remembered my camera 30 minutes AFTER we left and the hubby was not turning around :-), so I have no pictures of the trip to share. The highlight of the trip was being able to walk through an old lave tube, that is all Boo and Sis have been talking about since we got home.


     Boo has been diligently working on Click N Read and seems to enjoy it these days. I bought Click N Read before we even started homeschooling and Boo used it for a month or two but HATED every minute so we stopped using it. I remembered a couple of weeks ago that it was a lifetime membership and decided that we would give it another shot. I’m sure the incentives he is getting have help him to like it more but honestly I think he is just a late bloomer, one of those kids that is not ready to read at the age they're “supposed to”.

     Boo got to start his new Cub Scout troop a couple of weeks ago (this time it’s church affiliated). He is really excited to make friends, especially since a couple of them homeschool. He has had to learn a hard lesson the last couple of weeks, a long time friend that due to his home environment says and does things that are not permitted in our house, Boo stood up and told his friend that what he was doing was wrong and he was “going to hell”, I had to laugh a little about that part, but it did prompt a discussion latter about telling people they are going to hell.  I’m proud that he can stand up and tell kids that something is wrong. He lost a friend over it but I hope he feels good about what he did.


     Sis has been sailing though her Math U See and I’m thinking we may skip some pages to move to something more challenging for her. She has been doing good in her reading, we haven’t been doing a lot mostly review of letter sounds and making CVC words for her to sound out. We start her Bob books next week and she can’t wait.

     She also got to start dance this week, a big step for her. Sis is very social but has never been too interested in kids her own age. She was smiling ear to ear when I picked her up and the first thing she proclaimed is “Mom, I made some new friends!”. She is taking a ballet/tap dancing class, she is not so excited about the tap part but in love with the ballet idea.


     Then the explanation as to what Bean has been up to. Honestly a lot of “monkey business” as we call it. I had just complimented her artwork and then she got the crazy idea that if I liked it on the paper I must love it on her face. Her remark when I asked what she was doing was to point at here face and say “pretty”, we all had a good laugh about that, good thing it was water colors.


     While out of town we stopped by the dollar store and lo and behold sitting on one of the shelves was the NAMiTs game I had done a giveaway for, I started laughing right in the middle of the store (I got some funny looks) I didn’t realize that the dollar store carried them also so if you want one, save some money and buy one there. With that in mind here in the next few weeks I have a giveaway that I think should be great, and I know that you can’t get this one in the dollar store. I enjoyed scrapbooking before I had Sis. I have thought about trying digital but have been intimidated by the options so when I was asked if I would be interested in doing a giveaway and review for digital scrapbooking software I replied I would, so here in the next two or three weeks there will be a giveaway for scrapbooking software.



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