Sep 23, 2011

Our Week In Review for Week 5

     We’re finally starting into a “routine” (if you can call it that), I feel that we’re familiar enough with the curriculum that the days flow much smoother now, each kid knows what is expected and when. I also feel more confident in my teaching abilities, I don’t have to sit and half read half teach out of the teachers manuals, I review them each evening, do the prep work and we’re off in the morning. Things aren’t always as smooth as I would like but I feel like there is progress.


     Bean has been reviewing sight words (very informally) using Preschool Prep Meet The Sight Words #1. She enjoys the movie and it gives me a few minutes of one on one with one of the older kids. We have the flash cards and she loves to match the words from the screen to the cards, then yells “same” and shows everyone that it’s the same. We have been working on one to one ratios up to five and number recognition using Match it Mathematics. She also has her daily read out loud in one of her boxes. I try to read a story to each kid individually as one on one time, but sometimes other things tend to be a higher priority so I started adding a story to each kids workboxes, then it has to be done, that’s the rules, if it’s in the boxes it MUST be finished.


     This week for science we learned all about magnets. I think Bean was the most excited about it, she seemed to soak it all in. Boo got a little bored until I posed the question, Are all metals magnetic? that got him thinking and soon he was running all through the house finding metal objects to sort, some where magnetic, some where not. We talked about how compasses work and also about the Earth’s poles. The kids had fun putting objects on there desks and moving a magnet under to make objects “dance”. I had more planed but there never seems to be enough hours in the day. Next week we are planning on learning about salt and I have several hands on experiments I’ll be sharing.


   Boo is enjoying his Math U See and is understanding place value much better these days. He gets his numbers such as 13 and 31 mixed up, he tends to think they are the same and that number order doesn’t matter. It was great when (after a small argument) we laid out the block for each numbers side by side and I made him count each one, suddenly he said “oh they're not the same Mom, that’s why we have place value” and now when he gets them turned around I make him read the number back to me and tell me how many units and tens each number has and he will usually correct himself.

     For Christmas we had given Boo an Erector set hoping he would start a “hobby”, up to this point when he gets bored I get the “Mom what can I do?” then I will tell him something and it’s “no, that’s boring” then we start all over. Anyone else have that problem? I think he enjoys the set but honestly I think you have to be an engineer to follow the directions. My husband (who is mechanically inclined) sat down to help him and got confused, so for now he just plays around with them, but it’s progress.


     Sis turned six last week but the poor kid managed to find the only flu bug in town and was sick the whole day, which canceled the party plans. We did get to celebrate her birthday it just wasn't on her birthday and no friends. It’s hard to believe they can grow up so fast.

     Sis is doing well with her reading using the Bob books I purchased a few weeks ago. I need to take some pictures and share how we are organizing her reading lessons. I ran across a website that teaches reading using almost only Bob books so I took some of what she said and made it work for us. I enjoyed reading the blog but it is rather hard to follow, I think due to the layout. The blog is Teaching Reading with Bob books, great blog, well worth checking out for reading tips.IMG_0091

    I gave Boo a challenge this week to create a mirrored image. We have plastic shapes that can be used for patterning, shape matching, and those pictures that want you to place shapes on top of them to create the picture. Boo is a little old to be using them for that but I thought he could use a fun challenge so I laid the shapes out in a design on half the paper and asked him if he could create the mirrored image (exactly the same but backwards). I laid out a couple so he understood what I wanted and let him go to town. I think it was a good challenge for him, it made him think and it kept him engaged for quite some time. I then let him make one for me and it really is harder then you would think.


     The kids have been enjoying our September sensory bin and next week I’ll be adding the final items. I think that wraps up our week, and I hope you have a great weekend.



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