Aug 19, 2011

Workbox system and curriculum changes

     Since starting homeschool we have tried to use the workbox system, but #1 we are limited on space and #2 I thought I could try the “cheaper” route. No luck for us, first we tried Ziploc bags in a basket (worked ok except the bags ended up everywhere), then last year we tried folders (much better but not good enough) and now this year we are going to try a new approach that I’m super excited about. I’m not 100% done, Bean still needs her tags made and I didn’t have Sis’s up when I took the picture.
     I think we have “tweaked” it enough that it will work fantastic this year, I can’t wait to load it up Sunday night. Normally with the work box system you would remove the tag and put it on another chart (lots of moving tags), with our tweaked system the kids will move the tag from the left (unfinished) to the right (finished) as they complete each box (same as our chore list). Then I don’t have to worry about the tags too much, they just move from the Velcro dot on the left of that drawer to the Velcro dot on the right of that drawer, easy and still visual. They leave there finished work in the box and return it, move the tag, and go to the next box. Each evening I will gather the finished work, file it and put the next days work in each box.
    They also have small bins at the top for books that don’t fit in the drawers. Right now I have everything that they will be using all ready to go in the bins. I plan on adding a drawer each month or two so each kid will have a total of 12 drawers. They are the three drawer Sterilite Organizer and our local store had them for about $12 each (on Amazon it was about $10) but our local store ran a sale last week, buy one get one 50% off, so I just jumped in and bought four (we already had two). They will hold regular paper with just a little room all around, not all books fit, but most do.
     We have also had a few small adjustment to curriculum, one of our adjustments was in math, I was just planning on using a few store type workbooks and some printable for Sis this year for math and Boo was going to be using K12 3rd grade math but apparently about 1/3 of the math book is on-line so I broke down and bought Math-U-See for both kids, although not  the most expensive math curriculum it was definitely not the cheapest either. I think I would have felt better about the purchase if I had been able to view it in person, I’m just one of those “I need to thumb through the pages” type people. It’s supposed to arrive today so I am supper excited to actually look through it in person. Sis had an addition to her list, I added Handwriting Without Tears for her handwriting after reading the teacher manual for Boo’s cursive lessons. Then the last change was Sis’s reading, which I have to be a honest I am very frustrated about and have actually cried over. I was SUPER excited when I ran across Ready2Read by the moffattgirls, it was perfect for Sis, nice and “girly” and it taught both phonics AND sight words and it was FREE. I downloaded most of the units she had available and then went back and she is now charging $5 /unit (that’s $40 just for 8 weeks of school), now maybe it’s just me but $5 +cardstock+printer ink+laminating material=a lot of $$ each week. I’m choosing to forgo that route and we will be using 1+1+1=1 You Can Read (we did the members only section, it’s a one time fee of $8). Then for phonics we’re going to use Starfall ,it was $35 for a year subscription and offer TONS of stuff, including printables, we already have the books so we can work both on and off line.
     Don’t forget to enter for the NAMiTS game, you can leave a comment HERE, deadline is August 24.

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  1. Thanks for the post- It was helpful! Wanted to hear from someone about their workbox experience.

    "Super" and "Definitely" instead of "Supper" and "Defiantly", though- always good to double check spelling :)


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