Aug 26, 2011

Week One School Review

     This week was our first official week back to school. Monday and Tuesday were very frustrating for all parties involved, a few tears were shed and a couple of fights broke out. I think the main problem was figuring out what order to put everything in. When we started out I had Boo doing All About Spelling in box #1, that did not work too well. He hated it, fought the whole thing (which should have been fairly easy for him). When I loaded the boxes Tuesday night I had an epiphany, Boo is NOT a morning person, never has been, and I’m sure never will be. That got me thinking that the issue may not be All About Spelling, it may just be where I had it in his workboxes. I decided that I would move some of  his “easier” material (sight words, skip counting, math) towards the beginning of his schedule and then his All about Spelling towards the end of the day. The last two days have been great, he actually asked to “play” All About Spelling, I had to laugh. Math U See is going well, we started out with Boo doing two pages each day and that seemed to be too much for his attention span so we dropped down to one page and that seems to be perfect for him, not too easy, not too hard. He has a little bit of a struggle with place value and I think he is starting to “get” it, I like that each place has it’s own colored blocks. Our base ten blocks where all blue and I think it confused him a little.


     Sis is doing great. She LOVES Math U See. The problem is she wants to do ALL the pages in one day, so she has been doing two or three pages each day. I have to admire her enthusiasm, it makes my job SO much easier when she wants to learn things. She is really excited about reading, we have been reviewing letter sounds and working on sounding out simple CVC words. This week I pulled out our Match it! Spelling (bought at Costco a couple of years ago), they are simple puzzle cards that have a picture and a word on them, each piece of the puzzle has part of the picture and a letter. Sis loves that she can easily make words and sound them out. There are 10 three letter words and 10 four letter words, not all are words I would consider “beginning” words, some take a little knowledge of phonics rules. Sis has in her box: bus, fox, cow, pig, dog, bug, and cat. The other words in the set are: key, car, duck, tree, bird, pie, sock, shoe, ring, kite, frog, cake, and boat.


     Bean is also LOVING school, we’re not really doing too much “school” for her. She has been working on coloring and sight words (PreschoolPrep Meet the Sight Words). She knows all her letter sounds and most of the letter names (almost better then Sis). We purchased Meet the Sight Words last year when Costco had the whole DVD set. We have loved the DVDs, so I went ahead and bought the book sets and I like them but I’m not sure there really beginner readers or worth the money, they say that besides the sight words your child should be able to decode the books using context clues and phonics, I’m not sure I agree.  I read the book to Bean and ask her to point out a sight word from the movie, they are short and very too the point but that’s about the only plus.


     A quick note about the giveaway, there where no entries for the NAMiTs game giveaway so it will be added to my last minute birthday gifts box. I hope everyone has a great weekend.



  1. LOVE the word and letter puzzles! I need to find a set for my youngest! LOL (We used letter cards for him to spell CVC words that he's practicing.)

    And thankfully there's flexibility in homeschooling and you can change around the order of subjects! It's wonderful that you figure what works best of him so quickly! (Sometimes it seems it takes me a long time to work these kinds of things out.)

    Stopping by from Kris's Weekly Wrap-up!

  2. Thank goodness we can change things as needed. It has taken us a few weeks, but I think we have things down now! We love MUS too!! Blessings, Lisa

  3. Sorry your week started out with frustration. I'm glad you figured out a solution though. Looks like a good first week.


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