Aug 2, 2011

Website Wednesday

     I’m not usually a fan of kids music, it’s usually “watered down” or you get the “kids” version of an adult song. I enjoy nursery rhymes but only in very limited quantities. I was asked about hands on ideas for solar system studies and one of the items I have that we will be using (are using) is “The Planets Song” on the Science Songs CD from Have Fun Teaching. I bought the entire CD package to use for school this year. To give you an idea of the songs I found a YouTube video to share (they didn’t have the planet song).

     My kids LOVE these songs. We have had them about a month and they have been listened to at least 4 days a week.  They have skip counting songs and Boo likes to race the person singing. There are fitness songs that I intend on using for PE. They have an option to download the MP3 version, buy the DVDs or the CDs. I opted for the CDs (no TV time involved). There are also free printables, this is where I got the main portion of our base ten block/place value worksheets for Boo last year.  I will use some of there coloring pages for Beans letter of the week this year.

     With all the reviews (paid/free product) I do want to make a point I have not received any of there products free for a review, I paid full price ($50 for all the CDs). I have signed on as an affiliate and will receive a small amount if you buy something from my link. YouTube does have a lot of there videos and if your only going to use the songs a few times, or lack funds to purchase them, go that route, they also allow you to listen to the entire song from there site so there is always that option. I believe that music helps my kids memorize things much easier so we just bought the CDs.

    I hope your kids enjoy the songs as much as mine have.



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