Aug 8, 2011

Planning…oh the joy

     I thought I would share a little of what I’m in the middle of. It’s our planning phase of the school year. I am “trying” to get it all sorted out and planned so we know what and when where doing each item on my list. I’ve also been trying to devise a way for the workbox system to work for us, not the other way around. Last year we tried Ziploc bags for each subject, that was ok but not ideal. I REALLY want the workbox system to work and would love to be able to set it all up the way it was supposed to work, BUT we have a very limited amount of space. I’m hoping that I can work something out, at least for Boo because he’s becoming more independent.


     I have had a mental tug-of-war about what curriculum we would be using  this year. Most of the items I wanted where out of our reach this year due to the budget, so I have been searching high and low for material that would benefit our family and stay in the budget. I said a few prayers and the man upstairs must have been listening.

     I got a phone call from my dear neighbor last week. She wanted me to come over to visit and help her price her yard sale items. We visited for a bit and then she opened two boxes and asked me if I wanted them. She started to show me what was in those boxes and low and behold, curriculum, most not even used. One of the item I was VERY excited about was Handwriting Without Tears (the cursive complete set), there was also a  math book with a teachers guide, a few manipulatives, and some science materials.  I was so grateful for the material and the best part is that it cost me next to nothing, she had ordered four lap desks from me for her kids to use, she was able to pay half but due to unforeseen circumstances she was having a difficult time paying the rest, so it was basically a trade, a win win for both of us I got curriculum and she got her lap desks. I was ever so grateful.


     That leads me to the next part of the post, what we’re using this year as far as curriculum.

Boo -(2nd/3rd)- Handwriting Without Tears (cursive), All about Spelling level 1 (wish I would have found this last year), K12 3rd grade math (Math U See was on the wish list, maybe next year), Exercises in English, Scott Foresman Reading (2nd grade level) and Expedition Earth (Confessions of a Homeschooler and Spell Outloud’s add-ons).

Sis -(K) - Confessions of a Homeschooler K4 curriculum, Ready2Read (Moffatt Girls), You Can Read (1+1+1=1), and Expedition Earth (Confessions of a Homeschooler and Spell Outloud’s add-on’s).

Bean-(preschool, 29months)- Letter of the Week (Confessions of a Homeschooler)

     With that being said I am going to work out our science curriculum, I am a huge fan of “hands on” for science. I’m thinking that we are going to focus on one area each month (weather, planets, earth study etc.) and then split it into section (one week sections) unless there is a stand alone subjects/experiments that I want to cover.  I’m not sure about history, we have been reading the American Girls books  (Boo LOVES them). We may just continue with literature based “history” books, museums, and movies. Both the the girls will also be doing some Montessori materials and Starfall. 

     What curriculum does you family use?



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