Aug 30, 2011

Learning to use the phone

     I have been working with Sis the last couple of weeks on learning her phone number and address. I made a printable for her to practice with and I’d like to share it with you to use in your home.

                      image     image

Click on an image to download the PDF

     I printed it on cardstock, filled in our number/address and laminated it so she could practice, they are hanging on the fridge so she can see them every day (repetition). Now she can practice dialing our phone number without using our phones. She has gotten better with the phone number so I just covered it with post-it notes and she can peek if she needs. We have also be making-up scenarios that would need her to dial 911. She practices dialing, and talking to the “operator”. I keep the tone playful, I’m not trying to scare her but she needs to be aware of what to do if we do end up needing her to call for help, pray we never do need it, but better safe than sorry.


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