Aug 23, 2011

August Sensory Tub

  I  fell in love with the sensory tub awhile back and just couldn’t seem to find the time to put it together. Well  finally got around to making one this month and the kids have been having a blast with it. I know some people switch there’s each week or two, ours will stay for a month. I know that sounds like a long time but the way we have been working it seems to keep it fresh for the kids. Week one they get just the basics, then each week I add a little more until they get all the items I had planned on put in it.
     This months theme has been colors and shapes, the final few items where added yesterday and the kids get to play with it this week and most of next week.
     We don’t have a lot of stuff for each bin but for this month I did manage to find a lot of items. Here is what is in the bin:   Large plastic spoon (found at a local second hand store), a strainer (also a second hand store, I liked the primary colors), metal tongs (had on hand), plastic stacking cups (on hand), plastic links to hold baby toys (on hand), words (found here, had on hand), wood shapes (local dollar store), little colored crayons (they where part of a foam dollar store puzzle, I tossed the puzzle part and kept the colors). The medium for this month is rice: Red, Blue, Yellow, Orange and Green.   IMG_0045[1]_thumb[2]  IMG_0044[1]_thumb[2]



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