Jul 22, 2011

Where did time go?

     My apologies for being MIA for three weeks. It’s not for lack of trying, I think I’m having bloggers block (is there such a thing?). I sit down, open live writer and start typing and all the words I had written in my head somehow disappear, I type a few words (not the ones I wanted),  erase them and finally call it quits, ever have that problem? Well I’m seriously praying that I’m over it because it was starting to get very frustrating.


     I literally have no idea where time has gone, it was spring and then next thing I know summer is almost over. We will be starting school in about a month and I’m still sorting out curriculum. We’re changing some of what we used last year, trying a few new items this year, and adding what I would like to purchase (when $$ allows) to my wish list. I am excited that we will be getting a microscope this year (it’s still a little early but I couldn’t pass up the offer).

     I thought I would give you a little “FYI” section to start off because there are a couple of things that I have worked out the last few weeks. #1- I’m not a fan of using a free file hosting site (4shared & scribed) but as hard as I tried to make it so I did not have to use them it just created hours of extra work (hence only one printable) but I will be uploading to Scribed and I’m hoping that makes my life much easier. #2- I started a discussion on the Facebook page about curriculum recommendations, I would love to hear what works for you, I plan on leaving that discussion up indefinitely so we can use it as a reference. Please list subject, curriculum name (links if possible), grade used, the curriculums learning approach (hands-on, white board ext.), and what you loved/hated about it.

    Now the fun stuff, I did FINALLY have a chance to sew last week and I wanted to share what I made.


    This is one of those 10-15 minute projects that has fantastic results,cute and comfy. This one is the one I made for bean but Sis want’s one to match so I’ll take pictures and get a tutorial written. The straps are single fold bias tape (easy and cheap) and it’s shirred so it hides flaws (easy for beginners), you can change the length to be a dress if you want, this one sits just below Beans hips.

     I hope you have a great weekend, any exciting plans?



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