Jul 25, 2011

How to marble paper

     The other day the kids and I decided we would try an art project. It was a blast and clean up was easy, I turned on the sprinkler and made them go play in it while I washed the pan and spatula.


    What you will need:

-shaving cream (any kind mine was the gel kind, the kids LOVED the smell)

-food coloring



1. put several small (it didn’t take much, remember it expands) piles of shaving cream in a large pan

2. add a drop of water and a few drops of food coloring to each pile and mix until good and foamy


3. Lay out the paper for each child and let them start piling it on the paper, smear it around.

IMG_0009  IMG_0008  IMG_0010  IMG_0011

4. Let sit for a few minutes and scrap all the shaving cream off, I used the back side of a really long knife we have but anything long and flat will work.

     Now let them dry for a few minutes and you have a neat piece of art to hang on the fridge.



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