Jul 26, 2011

How to make a Sundial

     Sunday night Boo came to me with an odd question, ok not so much odd as one of those questions you ask yourself where did they come up with that at. He wanted to know what a sundial was, to my knowledge they haven't seen one but apparently he had heard about one from somewhere. We looked online at a couple of sites and then I sent him to bed, but it got me thinking, it would be the perfect opportunity for “hands on” learning. I couldn’t find much in the way of pintables online so I set about making my own.

    Little did I know that when I put it all together and set out Monday morning we would have a little bit of a challenge. It has been sunny and hot ALL week and the ONE day I “need” it to be sunny, it’s overcast all afternoon. I think God must have a since of humor. Oh well, I just had to keep an eye out for those little bits of sun and RUN out the door to make the mark. I got a few strange looks from the neighbors, one even stopped by to ask what we where doing. So I have a PDF for you to make your very own sundial, hope you enjoy.


*Notice you will read the shadow coming off the front of the sundial, at one point there will be two different shadow lines so you have to pay close attention.


     It started getting overcast at about 12:30 and as you can see when we went out at 1pm to make a mark there was no shadow at all but the kids got the idea and I’m hoping that tomorrow the sun will be out all day so we can finish our marks.

Free Sundial PDF

    If there are any problems, questions or typos (spelling is not my strong point) please let me know. I hope you enjoy making a sundial as much as we did.


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