Jun 30, 2011

Summer in Idaho

We finally have summer and it has been SO nice. We have been busy playing and enjoying the sun. I wanted to share a few photos of what we have been up to the last couple of weeks.

     IMG_3936    IMG_3929

IMG_3952     IMG_3932IMG_3931   IMG_3946

     Now for some entertaining animal/sight seeing photos. The picture on the left is a garter snake that was on the path and would not move so my husband decided it would be neat to catch it in my son’s butterfly net (no harm done), needless to say that was followed by 101 questions about snakes and snake identification (what we’ll call “hands on homeschool”). The photo on the right is a rock chuck, it’s a little hard to see, he was barking with about a dozen other rock chucks up the hill and we disturbed him. The bottom picture is two Canadian Geese and there flock of goslings swimming in the river.

IMG_3938   IMG_3941


     I have a serious obsession with old buildings (yes even outhouses). I love the story behind the place, I think it’s the mystery and trying to find the clues to figure out who lived there, when they lived there, and why they left. This particular building may have been built around 1887 (that’s when this area was being mined) but I think it may be more around the the early 1920 and the outhouse is definitely newer I would guess about 30’s or 40’s although those are just guesses (if you have a better guess please fill me in). Anyone else find old building fascinating?

IMG_3942     IMG_3943

      I hope everyone has a fun filled safe 4th of July. I will be out of town at a craft fair this weekend, hopefully making some $$ for homeschool supplies, visiting with family and relaxing. How does your family celebrate the 4th, any special plans?


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