Jun 6, 2011

Easy Kids Chore Chart

     I have been hunting for a simple chore chart for years and haven’t been able to locate one. My friend Athena was telling me about using smashed marbles then mod-podgeing an image on the bottom for fridge magnets and it gave me an idea. I bought large smashed marbles at Jo-Ann’s and set to work.
IMG_3782What you will need:
Mod-podge, paint brush, colored paper, a pen, magnets and large smashed marbles.
Step #1- Trace an approximate size of your marbles on your paper (Boo is red, Sis is pink, and Bean is yellow)
Step #2- Draw a picture of each chore your child may need to do. For instance Bean has to help with her clothes, pick up toys, and wipe off her desk each day. I drew an image that represented each of those (for pick up toys it was a ball,doll, car, and blocks). Boo cleans the toilet (he has some weird thing with cleaning the toilet and I am more than happy to let him clean it) so I drew a picture of a toilet.
Step #3- Cut out the image and apply a thin layer of Mod-Podge to the flat side of the marble. Put your image on the marble with the image facing the marble. Then let dry.
Step #4- Now apply a thick layer of Mod-Podge to the back and let dry (it will be very milky but dries clear). Then you will glue on your magnets.
Step #5-
     There is a To Do column and a Done column, each morning we move all the courses that need to be done to the To Do side and they complete each chore they move them to the Done side, I inspect after dinner to make sure they where done correctly. Pretty simple, the kids can see what is done and what still needs to be done. I know longer have to nag and they know that if it’s on the board then it has to be done. I have extras for each kid in a bag so they don’t always do the same thing. Bean has three things each day, Sis has four, and Boo has five.
     How many chores  do your kids do and what ages are they?

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  1. That's a great idea! Great job!
    Thanks for linking up to Making It With Allie! I can't wait to see what you have for next week!


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