Jun 16, 2011

A Birthday for Boo

    Boo’s Birthday was a couple of weeks ago and I want to share a few Birthday ideas with you. We took Boo and his long time (like still in the belly long time) best friend to the Zoo, the weather was great and the boys had a blast. The zoo is about three hours from our home so we did presents and cake there. For his cake this year I was a little lazy and made a HUGE sugar cookie, frosted it and put animals on it. It was the easiest “cake” I have ever made, I decided against candles because he got THREE different cakes (one from my Grandma when he visited her in WY, one from my parents while he visited them and the cookie cake I made), I thought that two with candles was enough.



     The boys loved that they each got animals and the fact it was a HUGE cookie. I bought two rolls of premade sugar cookie dough and cut them into slices, laid the slices on the pizza pan and flattened it until all the gaps where filled in, baked according to directions, let cool and frosted. If you use a regular size pizza pan you should only need one package, mine took about one and a half.

     I apparently have sucker written on my forehead, my son convinced me that his bud and him needed matching shirts. I of course being the sucker that I am promised him two matching shirts, I am happy with the end results and thankfully so where they.


     There’s that shark fabric again. The boys where excited that it was a hammer head (there fav), and I was so caught up in the minute I forgot to get pictures of them actually wearing them.

     Last item I want to share, and my personal favorite is a play suit case that Boo and I made. He has large collection of small plastic animals, dinosaurs, and Lego creations that seem to always be everywhere. I wanted to make somewhere he could play with them but then be able to put up and out of the way. I ran across a very neat idea on At Second Street, she made a play case for her son’s dinosaurs and I loved how it turned out. She did a tutorial that you can find HERE


     I basically followed her directions but Boo helped pick how he wanted it all laid out. He LOVES it and spends hours playing with it. The whole suitcase sits upright in the closet so it’s out of the way and everything stays right in the case!

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