May 6, 2011

School Room Makeover

   This last couple of weeks I have been attempting to organize our school area. I think part of the motivation is seeing all the great homeschool blogs and I think it may be a small case of spring fever. I wanted to show off our school “room” (if you can call it that). I actually got rid of our kitchen table so the kids could each have there own work space. Doing school work at the kitchen table was a fight from the start, someone would end up with there paper in someone else's space and a fight would ensue. Well I was a little feed up with it so when my husband mentioned that he found a place to get school desks, the kitchen table was out the door and poor hubby was sent on an errand. We already had the shelves but I needed to sort through what works for us and what doesn’t.



     Sis’s desk is the yellow one and Boo has the one over by the window, Beans is the little one with the wood top. We half heartedly tried the workbox system last year but I never could figure out how to make it work in the space we had, there was NO way that three shoe organizers would fit in our kitchen or front room. Since we got the desks I have decided to give it another shot, this time with the little white baskets and Ziploc bags, I have not completed all the strips but we do use the bags and as they complete each bag they put them into the bag hanging on the side of there desk ($1 at Target).  We have two shelf units in the kitchen used only for school items and a few games that I rotate each week. They have an entire shelf for art supplies and there is a box of coloring books and old catalogs to cut up on top of the extra paper on the bottom shelf.




     I keep most of our “school” books on the bottom shelf in the kitchen but we have one other medium shelf and one full size shelf in the front room and they also have a book shelf in there bed room (you can never have too many books, ok I think we might be near our limit for this place). Extra paper and supplies are on the bottom of the large shelf and extra supplies for our workboxes are in a large tote on the bottom shelf in the front room.  I hope that helps someone when they set up there room or area. I will post more about our workbox system in a couple of weeks. I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend and a happy Mother’s Day!


  1. Happy mother's day! Your school room looks great, and super organized.

  2. We kinda sorta did the workbox system, too, but not with the big shoebox organizers, either. We started with banker's boxes and manila folders. And then we tweaked it, and then we tweaked it again, and last year we didn't use it much because I was trying to figure out how to use it with doing so many group subjects together. Toward the end of this year I started using it again but backwards. =p


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