May 2, 2011

Egg-tastic Counting Game

     So things in my house have been a little chaotic this last week. I’m organizing the school supplies and getting rid of what we don’t use.  I will do a little show and tell next week so you can see our school area.
     While rummaging though the mountain of “things” I ran across a package of plastic eggs. I didn’t really want to keep them but didn’t really want to toss them either. Here is what we ended up doing with them.
     The kids had to close there eyes and pick an egg, Sis tells me what the number is, Bean helps count out the M&Ms, and Boo has to tell me what two sums could make the number he drew. The kids had a blast and they got to practice a few math facts for snack time. Since the M&Ms are gone we now use jelly beans, fruit snacks, raisins, dehydrated banana chips, and nuts. Do you have any fun learning activities you “sneak” into your routine?


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