May 20, 2011

The Art of Play

     The other day I was cleaning out the fridge (defiantly not my favorite job), the kids helped unload everything and spray the inside to soak for a few minutes. That when the most amazing thing happened, here I’ll show you.


     I thought it was the cutest thing. They where using the play money and there cash register to “shop” for food. Boo was the cashier, Sis was a mom, and Bean was the baby. Boo was giving her correct change (only dollars where being used, but I was still impressed). The chair with the pan on it is the shopping cart and the laundry basket was the car. It was one of those moments you stand back and think, wow, they really have learned what I was trying to teach them.  There are days when I doubt my ability to teach, thankfully there are times like this to help reinforce why we homeschool. Do you ever have doubts and then realize you ARE doing a good job?


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