Apr 13, 2011

Website Wednesdays

     As a mom I really like it when I find a website that helps my kids better understand a concept or that is educational (not brain rotting or violent). I would like to share a website each Wednesday, we’ll call it Website Wednesday. I will find a website and share it with you each Wednesday, I will have a tab just  for the websites. There will be an age (approximate) and a description. Today's website is:
The Toy Maker
     Ages: 2 (with help) through probably 10-12
     Description: This site has printable paper toys. Things like finger puppets, paper dolls, there is a tooth fairy gazebo, Goldilocks and the Three Bears finger puppets, and my favorite is the skip counter for math (we have used this with both the two older kids). There are several different multiplication printables and  some 3-D toys, a race cara boat, and spinners (they are really neat). When you enter the site there is a spot that says FREE TOYS at the top, you will click on that and it takes you too a list of all the printable. Enjoy.


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