Apr 27, 2011

Website Wednesday #3

     This week has been a little busy for us. Spring has finally sprung here in Idaho and there seems to be an ever expanding list of things to do. I just went through the kids clothes yesterday and WOW that job gets harder each year. I have plastic containers that are labeled with sizes and so twice a year we “switch” clothes,  go through shoes and send a bag to the second hand store. With three kids it’s a full days work. So enough of my happenings I want to tell you about an amazing site called Peekuboo.
     Peekuboo is a site I used with Sis when she was younger and I now use with Bean. I sit with her in my lap, she really enjoys pushing buttons and the little animations. You do not have to sign up but that is an option. When you enter you see two tabs one says home and the other library, you want the library.
Peekuboo-an excellent site to help promote literacy, you read the story and they get to push a key on the keyboard to make the animation happen. There are also color and matching games.
Ages: baby (maybe 6 months) to about 5.
Well I hope everyone has fun with this site. What did you think, did your little ones enjoy it as much as Bean?


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