Apr 20, 2011

Website Wednesday #2

     I owe everyone an apology for my lack of posting this week. My house has been a little crazy. We’re expanding my garden, working on the house, decluttering, and of course my three helpful kids just add to the fun. So for the spring/summer I will post when I get a chance, my goal is twice a week.

     Enough of my rambling. The site this week is literary based and there are several different option from the main page. There is information for parents about literacy,there are several different options for children (depending on there age and language preference).

Reading Is Fundamental

    Like I mentioned above there are several different options from the main site. You can explore information about the organization, donate money or time, read about the latest literacy information, and find the latest updates to the programs from the main page. I will breakdown the other options into a list below.

    In the upper right hand corner there is a button labeled KIDS, that is where you will click to find this information.

Let’s Read as a Family- There is a Spanish version and an English version, it’s designed for families who are predominantly Spanish speaking but we use it as a family to help the kids learn Spanish in a fun way. Ages: any (with help)

Leading to Reading- I really LOVE this site, Sis and Bean both use this site. There are stories, songs, finger plays, and other fun activities. There is Spanish and English for this site also. Ages: 0-5 (with help).

Reading Planet- Boo really enjoys this part of the site, it’s for older kids. There are several fun activities for older kids like poetry splatter, color challenge, and The Learning Language Game. Ages: approximately 6 to teen.


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