Apr 12, 2011

Sunday Tie

     You know that point that it’s a little hard to find boys ties, you can’t get clip-ons, and the tie ties are too big (unless you special order them, which is a little out of our budget). I even checked at a JC Penney's store, still no luck. I stumbled onto a fantastic tutorial about how to make your own little boys tie. It was on Purl Bee, there is a free PDF and the directions where pretty good. It was a little confusing the first go round, the part where you make the L and sew the two pieces together, but it may have just been me. I think I can make them much faster from this point forward, the first one is always the hardest. The PDF is for a little boys tie and it’s still a little shorter then I would prefer for Boo, but it was better than his old one. I would say the pattern is for about size 4 to about 6, Boo is size 8. I plan on making him another one (longer this time) and I will try and get a PDF posted for the larger tie. He got to test it out at church today and was quiet impressed.

IMG_3567  IMG_3569

    I also wanted to share a fantastic website I found for learning to tie a tie (I honestly had no idea there was more than one way to tie a tie). He walks you through with an animation first and then shows you with him tying a tie. The site is called Tie-a-Tie and it was by far the most helpful site I could locate. Hope you find the information helpful.Untitled-1


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