Apr 1, 2011

A little bit of spring

     I’m a little latter than usual making my post but I couldn't resist a bike ride to the river since it’s a nice day here (we hit 59 degrees). I believe this weekend it’s supposed to be rainy again. I had to take advantage of the sun shine, so for fun Friday I give you our spring time outing.
IMG_3461  IMG_3463
Please excuse Sis’s hair, she has really fine hair and it gets a little out of control.
Bean’s reaction to the sauce on the Subway sandwiches we took for our picnic.
The kids where LOVEING the sand, it was so nice and warm.
     There was a dog there that ended up temporally adopting us, isn’t she the cutest thing ever. My kids love dogs but unfortunately we don’t have one yet. The kids kept throwing things for her to fetch out of the river, I was amazed at how good she was with them. Her owner latter told us that she hasn’t been around too many kids, she was AMAZING.
     On a little side note, I will not be in Blog land next week. We will be taking a little mini vacation. We are taking a break for a week from both school and blogging, so I hope everyone has a fantastic April Fools, a great weekend and an awesome week, I will be back on Monday April 11. I will post pictures of tonight's April Fools jokes the hubby and I have planed for the kids on the 11th.


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