Apr 15, 2011

Fat free cookies

    Sorry if your expecting actual cookies, I really do wish I had a fat free cookie recipe. I think we would eat cookies three meals a day, but alas no such luck. What I do want to share for Fun Friday is the cutest and most fat free cookies I could find. Athena over at Goddess of Gifts gave Bean the cutest Christmas present ever, felt cookies, but they aren’t just felt cookies, there cute with a purpose! LOVE them and so do the kids.


     Are those not the cutest things ever. All three kids LOVE them and after four months of VERY regular use they still look brand new. The hook and loop closer keeps all the cookies snug in there bag for when they get put back into the work boxes. We use them daily for both the girls. They work on number order, adding two cookies, greater then and less then, counting forward, and counting backwards. I LOVE these cookies, no tiny pieces to loose, no damage when Bean throws them, but most of all who doesn’t LOVE cookies! If you would like a set of your own she has them for sale here.


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