Apr 28, 2011

Circle of Moms Top 25 Homeschool Blogs

     I’m not sure how many of you are on Circle of Mom. I am and I love it, I’ve been using it for almost two years. It’s a great way for moms to meet other moms with similar interests, for example I am a member of two “regular” homeschool groups (I say this because they don’t address some of our issues with Boo), and a group specifically for parents who homeschool a child(ren) with challenges (specifically ADHD). This group is actually how I found Boo a pen pal. Since we started this journey there have been ups and unfortunately there have been a few downs. Circle of Moms is a great lift me up and help push me out of that slump. There an amazing array of “groups” you can join and I do highly recommend it.


     Anyway there really is a point to all my rambling, so I’ll get there now, I have been nominated for Circle of Moms Top 25 Homeschooling Blogs, so excited :-) , there are some AMAZING blogs out there for homeschooling so I’m not sure I’ll hit the top 25, but what the heck, you’ll never know until you try. So I am asking everyone to please (a little eye batting here) go vote for me (I’m near the bottom). You can vote every day until May 11. There is a button in the right hand column to take you there each day. I will be forever grateful for you amazing support.

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  1. Oh, Len are soon to be a family of 6 living in a 2 bedroom townhouse. We are blessed that my husband lets us convert the dinning area into our space. If you dont have much space maybe you can turn a closet into your storage for homeschool supplies and get some lapdesk or TV dinner trays for portable desk area. I also go the bookshelves from Walmart for between 15- 20 dollars. Thanks for commenting


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