Mar 25, 2011

Wood Swing

     We have had a rope hanging from our tree for several months now. The kids were using it to climb but the last few weeks they have been tying sticks to it so they can swing. Today my son asked me if he could tie a scrap board to it. That gave me an idea so we set to work. We (meaning Boo helped) picked a scarp of wood, it was a 15 1/2” scrap of 2'”x4” lumber. We cut it so it was 14” long, drilled a 3/4” hole directly into the middle (meaning 7” from end to end and 1 3/4” side to side). I routered the edges and  let Boo sand the whole thing. Then we sprayed an outdoor waterproof stain on it. We then put the rope though the hole and tied a knot. All done, really simple. Hope everyone has a great weekend.


IMG_3312Boo and his best friend enjoying the new swing.


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