Mar 11, 2011

Water Bottle Inspiration

This year to help me loose weight (at least that’s what I hope) I set a goal to drink more water. I’m really bad at drinking water, nothing added. I’m not a huge fan of the taste of our water (chemical taste) so I just don’t drink too much water. I have tried filters and they are of not help. To help motivate me I made a tag to hang on my water bottle. There is a carbineer (clip) on my water bottle, I hung the tag from it and each day I cross off each item on my list. The other side is a few inspirational quotes, I thought it would be nice and when I loose my motivation I have something there to “inspire” me. Here are the pictures of the tag.
I printed it on a 3x5 card (“Today I” on one side and the quotes on the other) and used Avery Reinforcement Labels on the corner. I then used contact paper to “laminate” it and punched a hole in the corner. I use a dry erase maker to put a mark on the items as I complete them each day. The reasoning behind the 3 bottles of water is, you have to have 64oz of water each day (8x8oz glasses). My water bottle is 32oz, that means I have to drink at LEAST 2 bottles of water each day but I also have my morning coffee and that “technically” means I’m supposed to replace the water I lose having caffeine, hence the three. I made a PDF for personal use download, unfortunately I’m new to this and had to make two different PDFs one is the “Today I” and the other is the “Inspiration”.  Please e-mail me is the links will not download.


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