Mar 31, 2011

Spring inspiration

     I have wanted those little block that say say words like Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas for a very long time now. I have almost bought them several times, my dilemma is $$, they are usually a little more than I am willing to pay for a block of wood, paint, and vinyl lettering. Well I wanted to share a little spring inspiration with multiple purposes. I cut, routered, sanded, and painted a scrap of, yep you guessed it 2x4 (yes we have lots of  2x4 scraps).  Here is what I ended up with.
     This project is multi-purpose, Sis has been learning her seasons, so I thought what better way for her to learn them than to actually visualize spring, to me spring is all about butterflies and flowers. The paper I used was cardstock scrapbook paper so it is raised off the board just enough so she can trace the letters with her finger. The flip side is blank right now but soon it will say “Summer” and I will make one more block that will have “Fall” on one side and “Winter” on the other but I haven't found the perfect paper for those yet. I really need to get out of town, I do shop on-line for some things but I’m a “see and touch” kind of person. If you have made wood blocks with a phrase on them I would love to see them, you can e-mail them to me and I would be happy to post my favorites (I have yet to figure out how to do the linky party for my blog, so if you have any insider info about that I would love to hear it also).Oh, I have to mention the cute as can be ladybug was made by Boo a couple years ago, LOVE it.


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