Mar 22, 2011

Princess Wand

My best friend over at Goddess of Gifts gave my girls a fairy wand for Christmas this year. Well over the course of the last few months it has literally been “loved” to death. Here is a picture of the poor thing.


As you can see the poor thing was well falling apart. My girls have LOVED playing with it and I hated to just toss it. So in an effort to save it from the trash I decided I would give it new life. Here is what we ended up with.


The girls can now continue to love the wand and it was a REALY easy project (15 minutes from start to finish). I first folded my two layers of  fabric (stacked so right sides face in) in half and traced half a heart, leaving a “tail”. Then cut it out, sewed and turned it right side out.

IMG_3248     IMG_3249

You will need to stuff the shape and tuck in the “tail” a little.


You then will hot glue your ribbons on the top of the stick so they hang down the sides of the stick and insert the stick into the bottom of your shape. Pull the stick out about a 1/4” and thoroughly glue where the end of the “tail” will be on your stick.


Then you will need to glue your ribbon onto the stick so it will not come off, I also tied mine in a single knot and glued so it would not come undone.  This was one of the simplest projects I have done in a long time, hope you have as much fun with it as I did.


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