Mar 10, 2011

Pinewood Derby Plaque

     In February we had our packs Pinewood Derby races. My son participated and did quite well considering the black hole ate his car. I have to tell you we have a black hole in my house and it eats things (literally we never see them again). We had his car all cut out and sanded, ready to be painted, sitting on the desk. The morning before the race I got Boo out of bed and told him this was his last chance to paint the car. He went to grab the car and NO CAR! We searched the house high and low, to no avail. Needless to say we where making a new car at all hours of the night.  Several weeks latter and lots of searching but still no car. The BLACK HOLE ate it for sure!!!

     He received four metals and his participation ribbon. I didn’t want his car and metals getting ruined so I needed to make a display of some sort. I decided on a plaque for him to hang on his wall. Here is what I ended up making.


I used a plane scrap piece of wood that would fit the car and the metals. I then used our router to make the edges nice and round (please no applause Winking smile, but I have to pat myself on the back over this one) . Sanded the whole thing smooth and used some left over stain. I put a ribbon on the back to hang from and hot glued all of his item on it. I’m in love with the results and honestly impressed that I used the router (and it turned out nice). I have to admit that the router has scared me a little, I don’t mind using power tools but the router was a little intimidating. The metals are able to be turned over so he can see the engravings on the back. He won 2nd for the Wolf Cubs, 1st Best Looking, 1st Most Unique, and 2nd Best Design. I was happy with the results and he was ecstatic about all the metals.  Way to go Boo!!!!


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