Mar 29, 2011

KAM snap how to

     As promised I am going to tell everyone about how to apply the KAM snaps. There is a YouTube video, but I was still a little confused so hope this helps everyone.
I’m not going to go over the parts of the pliers because it’s not too important. Once you get it set up you really don’t need to change anything unless you have different size snaps, mine are all size 20. You need the die (the little plastic curved part at the bottom of your pliers to fit the Cap that you are using (see below).
These are the snap parts:
-Studs (those are the out ones, think boy part, there on the left side)
-Caps (those are the pointed ones and what you will see on the outside of the bib, the top middle part of the pic)
-Sockets (those are the part that the studs snap into, think girl part, there on the right hand side of the pic)
For each snap you will use two caps, one stud and one socket. The caps basically holds your stud or socket to the fabric.
You need your item, an awl (aka poker thing), snap parts, and snap pliers. You will need to first poke a hole all the way through your fabric.
You will need to now insert your cap into the hole (make sure that the cap is on the out side). If you think of a sandwich the caps will be the bread (top and bottom) and the socket and stud will be your meat and cheese (the sandwich guts). You will now either put a socket or a stud (it doesn’t really matter) onto the point that is poking through your fabric.
Now you will get your pliers. Make sure you have the little rubber cap on.
The black part is for size 20 snaps, your cap should fit almost perfect into the little cup. The top white part ( little rubber ring that’s on the end of the metal rod) squeezes the cap and stud or socket together so you get a snug fit. Now you will line up your pliers with the snap.
Make sure the CAP is in the little indent on the bottom (or it will not install the snap right). Now all you have to do is SQUEZE (pretty hard). Tada you have a snap.
Now you need to do the whole thing over but on the other side and use the other type, say this side you use a socket (aka girl part) then you need a stud (aka boy part) on the other side. Those two will snap together (think boy and girl go together). That will give you an entire snap.
If you have any questions please feel free to ask, either leave a ??? in the comments or e-mail me.
Here are a few extra pictures for clarification.
IMG_3413  IMG_3414 

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  1. this is great so easy to follow,loved the "guts"made me laugh,better explained than the videos that i have watched.
    you speak my language.
    many thanks.


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