Mar 16, 2011

Japan Tsunami and Earthquake

  As everyone has heard Japan has had a very rough week. First earthquakes then tsunamis, as if that was not bad enough the chaos just keeps coming, I won’t bore you with the details as I’m sure you have heard. Well as bad as this sounds I usually try to tune out most of the news. Unfortunately the Japan earthquake and tsunami have taken on a very personal meaning for me. My brother who is in the US Marines is stationed in Okinawa, Japan. He is currently providing relief efforts in Japan. He is safe but I’m still concerned for his safety (it’s a big sis and mom thing).

redegalogo     It’s one of those times in your life that you stand back and hold your breath and say “that could have been”. In this instance it could have been my baby brother, and unfortunately it IS thousands of Japanese families suffering losses as we speak. I wish with all my heart that we could find an easy fix and make it all better for those who lost loved ones, but that’s not possible. I would like to send my condolences to all those who lost loved ones, and send a prayer out to all those still suffering. I hope all those who are working so hard to help all in need may be able to do so. I am not a hugely religious person but I ask for all those who pray to say a prayer, if you choose not to pray observe a moment of silence and ponder what if…… 


     I would like to take a minute to give you a few web sites of interest related to the tsunami and earthquakes. One article was my friend over at Goddess Of Gifts where she found a great article that has tons of information, also Red Cross is taking donations.

logo The American Red Cross who so diligently provides for those in greatest need.

red-crossGoogle Crisis Response has a very informative site and a location to donate to the to the Japanese Red Cross Society.

I don’t want anyone to think that they need to donate, and I’m not trying to make anyone feel obligated, but I feel that if I don’t at least post and allow all those that are able and willing to donate to have locations to donate, I will feel like I haven’t completed my obligation. Thank you.


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