Mar 15, 2011

It’s a Bird, it’s a plane, it’s Super E-Man!

     My neighbor’s little boy’s birthday was yesterday, he turned 4 (going on 12). He is seriously the cutest little man ever. Alright I must admit I’m also a little partial since I have been baby sitting him since he was about 1 1/2. I wanted to make him something for his birthday that he didn’t already have, I thought of the things my son loved at 4 and the first thing I could think of was a cape. He used to use receiving blankets and tie them around his neck and run down the hall with his arms outstretched. So I set to work, I found Thomas the Tank Engine fabric at Hancock Fabric. What little boy doesn’t love Thomas. I also had an off white full size sheet that I couldn’t use (we have a full size hide a bed but I only need one set for that). Here is the finished cape.
 IMG_3153  IMG_3155  IMG_3156
I had his Mom take a measurement from the back of his neck to to his calf, it was 24”. I had to revamp the poor cape a few different times, so as to not to completely confuse you I drew out a general outline and then you can use your measurements.  Here is the pattern (ok hand drawn picture).
The line down the middle is the measurement you get when you measure from the back of the neck to the calf. Then the neck part I used one of our dinner plates, I laid the plate at the top of the line I made down the middle of the fabric and traced half way around it. If you have a small child or a large one you need to adjust accordingly. I drew the bottom line and made that about 18”(you could go narrower). I made a 2” line from the neck and then basically drew a line from that edge to the outer bottom corner. I rounded the corners on mine but that’s optional. I used two pieces of fabric so it could be reversible. You will need to put your layers together so the right way is facing the inside, cut out one half, then fold that half over and cut out so you will have two layers and the left and right halves are the same.  You will now unfold and sew along the entire cape, leaving a few inches at the bottom open. The cape will be wrong side out, now turn it right side out and top stich the whole thing. IMG_3124
You will need a small length of elastic (mine was 3/4”wide and about 4” long). Also you will need to cut out two 8”x2 1/2”  pieces. Sew them together wrong side out leaving the ends open. Then turn right side out. You will now need to finish one end. Fold the fabric into the tube and insert your elastic far enough in so you can’t see it once sewn.
Sew closed taking care that the elastic is sewn in well. You will pull the elastic through the tube and do the same thing on the other end. You need to sew it onto your cape now.
I put a snap on it but you could also use velcro or a button. In addition I wanted it a little more personalized so I added a large red E on the white side. I simply used Crayola WASHABLE marker and made an large E on my red fabric, cut it out and sprayed with Stiffen Stuff and blow dried it (first time using it and I’m impressed so far). Then pined it in place, straight stitched it in place then went back over it with a zig-zag stitch.
Hope I didn’t loose anyone. If you have any question please feel free to e-mail me. Here is super E-man being a little camera shy.


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