Mar 30, 2011

Heart Break Outfit

     I have a stash of discolored/stained onesies (poor things will be on kid three this time), I didn’t want to toss them. I was going to dye them but I could only find the large bottles of Rit. I wanted different colors but at $5/bottle that was going to get a little spendy. So to solve the stain problem I decided I would literally cover them up. I appliqued a boat onto one and loved how it turned out. Little did I know that I had started a snow ball that would avalanche a little out of control.
IMG_3442    IMG_3443
      I realized after I was done that Bean didn’t have a skirt to match. I could pair it with pants but then it would look too boyish. I had leftover red fabric, so I decided I would just sew her a ruffled skirt to go with it. The skirt went ok, I had a few snags but I’m happy with the end result. I tried the whole outfit on her the next morning, only to find out that the bottom of the boat was below her waist line. Oh man, at this point I was wondering “what was I thinking”. 
     Ok, deep breath, think, ah, an idea, I’ll just make her a different onesie, with a design ABOVE the waist line. My BF over at Goddess of Gifts does this really cool thing with t-shirts (and yes that’s my handsome man, Boo in those pictures). Here are a couple of pictures of the footprints, up close.
IMG_3444  IMG_3445
I basically did the same thing with beans onesie, only with a heart. Then I used iron on transfer paper to put the words on. I embroidered the crack in the heart using embroidery floss. Here is the whole outfit DONE.
     Now I just have to put ruffles on the sail boat onesie so she can wear it all by it’s self this summer. Oh, more things on the “to do” list. It’s all good, it just a matter of when I get to it.

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  1. It looks adorable!! Fabulous job! Thanks so much for linking up to my Catch a Glimpse party! Always nice to see a new face!


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