Mar 28, 2011

Easy Toddler Bib

     I have a two year old that will not wear bibs, and has refused since she could pull them off. Every bib (including the ones that go over her head) she can get out of. I really hate stained shirts and well toddlers make messes. To solve this problem I am going to show you what we did (and it was FREE, we already had everything). I had a few size 3T boys shirts that I was going to take to the second hand store but decided that they would be great to use for bibs (yes I know I have a girl but boys shirts are darker and well I had them). Here are the three I finished in about 30 min worth of work (literally 10 minutes each). I intend on using some of Sis’s old stained shirts but I haven’t had a chance yet.
Take you shirt and lay it flat with the back facing up. Cut down the middle of the shirt. Fold over to make a seam, and sew down the length of the shirt on both sides. Note if it’s a jersey (T-shirt material) you need to use a ball point needle. (Sorry you get a pic of my leg apparently)
IMG_3320  IMG_3324
I only folded it once because jersey and fleece (both of which I used) don’t fray. I still wanted the finished look though.  All done with the actual bib. The only thing left is to do the closer and that is a matter of preference. You can use Velcro, snaps (plastic or metal), or buttons. I choose to put plastic snaps on the bibs. They WILL NOT rust, are a little harder to open and well already I have a bunch (due to cloth diaper making). The brand I used was KAM snaps (size 20). You can order KAM snaps HERE.  This is what the pliers look like, I bought the plier because they where cheaper and I don’t use TONs of snaps at one time. (if you do more than about 8 sets of snaps at a time, spend the extra $$$ and buy the press, your hands will love you). I used two full set of snaps on the bibs.
There will be a tutorial (up tomorrow) about how to install the KAM snaps for anyone not familiar with applying them, or anyone just needing a refresher. Everyone have a great evening.

IMG_3393 IMG_3416


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