Mar 24, 2011

Craft Shack

     Last summer my hubby and I decided that we would try our hand with raising chickens. We (meaning I) read everything I could find about chickens, built a beautiful coupe, and got chickens. Well to make a very long and sorrowful process short and sweet, we no longer have chickens. We decided as a family that we would no longer raise chickens (the kids got really attached, I’ll admit I was also a little smitten ). That left us with a very nice building with no purpose. We decided to use it for storage. That was great but now that I’m crafting more I needed somewhere I could cut, sand, saw and paint out of the wind, rain, and snow. Monday I had one of my ah-ha moments and decided I would turn the chicken coup into a craft shack for all the crafts you can’t do in the house. Here are the finished results (sort of done anyway, there are still a few things to do).

IMG_3267Standing in the doorway.

IMG_3269Looking to the left.

IMG_3271Looking to the right.


     The work area where I can lay out my project. See that lovely lamp and the wood frame well those are two of my projects. The lamp will need all new “guts” and a shade and the frame thing is actually an old screen door we found up in the mountains, it just screamed “take me home”, now who can resist that : ).


     Where the Masonite is there is a window. I was taking pictures at night and well I have a paranoia of open windows at night, I will hopefully get around to sewing some curtains for it. The fantastic drawer on the very left hand side of the photo was salvaged and it will be mounted under the table. It will give me somewhere for those great necessities like a measuring tape and pencils.


     This fantastic shelf unit was also one of my husband’s great finds. I honestly can’t believe someone would want to throw this out, it’s real wood not laminate. I plan on sanding it down and refinishing it with a stain.


     These lovely door (that are meant to be on upper cabinets) are also something my husband managed to save from eternal death. I really love these doors, the little vents have that retro look. At some point I will make them there very own cabinet. Right now the poor things are protecting the old bottles I put on the lower shelf ( from the two year old). Now when I work on projects I can do them even when the weather is not so great, hooray!! The best part is it was a FREE make over.


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