Mar 1, 2011

Cardboard Art

I thought that I would share one of our little projects from last week. We recently bought a dishwasher that came in a large box, we used it as a playhouse until one of the neighbor kids literally fell thorough the wall. It has been cold and overcast here so we have been inside all week, I needed something to entertain three kids. Here was what we came up with:
 We made 3-D art out of the cardboard house that got destroyed. I cut out a car, dog, airplane, dino and stands so they stay upright. The kids then got to paint them with water colors. Then came the best part they got to play with there art.
 All three kids had a blast painting there item and then pretending with them. We have had them a week and they are still going strong. Bean decided that some of them needed to be ridden so some are a little cripple, but not too bad for cardboard.
Oh, just a little FYI, your not supposed to try and cut your finger off in the process. :-) Hindsight, keep fingers out of the knifes way. I love it when you get to learn the lesson you teach your kids. Boo said "Mom, you shouldn't be playing with a knife", love kids. Hope you enjoyed.


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