Feb 8, 2011

Thrift Store Finds

I'm kind of a sucker for thrift stores, it feels like an adventure, kind of like a treasure hunt. I love looking at an item and trying to think outside the box. Well Tuesdays are my treasure hunt days, I went expecting to pick up some tee-shirts for my Cub Scouts to use as paint shirts. Great, I found exactly what I was looking for. For some off the wall reason I decided I would look in the sheet and curtain area. Wow, I think I hit the mother load, so excited. I found 5 pillow cases (making dresses for the girls), frilly curtains (dress also), and valances (brand new, tags still on them) for my kitchen. In addition to that each kid picked out something fun, Boo picked out dinosaurs (of course), Sis picked out a play blow drier, and Bean picked out a baby. I also found two yards of girlie fabric I fell madly in love with, a pair of Old Navy pants for me, three white tee-shirts for Boo (to go with his lounge PJ pants), two books (shh, don't tell my husband, I'm not supposed to buy any more books), a dress pattern, and one very ugly picture frame (I plan on posting more about that on Thursday). I only spent $8 total, so excited to post some of the finished projects in the coming weeks. Here is a picture of all the stuff I found (minus the books, my son would not let me have them back).
The pile of items I purchased
for $8 at a local thrift store.

The pillow cases, curtains, and fabric.
Dresses to come shortly.

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