Jan 6, 2011

Upcycling Christmas

Ok, maybe it's just me but I love the pictures on Christmas boxes and cards. I saved the top of the untrashed clothes boxes and all of our cards in the hopes to try and do a project with the kids. I had checked out a kids Christmas craft book and found an interesting craft done with paper plates folded then stapled into a ball. Well I had an idea to use the cards and boxes to make the ball, so here it is.
               It's our 2010 Christmas Ball. So here is how it's made.
First collect all the cards, gift boxes, wrapping paper  (will need to be glued to card stock or cardboard), and scrap papers you can find. You will need a compass (or a pin or tack and string), scissors, a stapler, ribbon, pencil and glue.
Take the smallest card you will use and draw a circle to include most of the card (min was about 2 inches). That will be the size of circles you will use. Draw and cut out 20 good circles and one for a template so 21 total. You will use one as a template for your folds and the rest for your circle so they need to be nice. Make sure all your circles are the same size (or you end up with a funny ball). We will now make the template for all of our folds. Basically we need to make an equilateral triangle so we end up with a triangle with three flaps. The easiest way I found to make the triangle is to take your spare circle and measure out the radius. Put the pointy end of the compass on the outside of the circle (taking care not to change the measurement) and make a mark on the diameter of the circle. Then move the point to the mark you just made.
When you get done going around the circle you should end up with six marks that are the same distance apart. You can see from the photo below that my first attempt was not quite successful.
 Then all you need to do is lay the template on top of your circles and bend the flaps up (remember your circle needs to face up).
Your circles should look like the one below. You need to fold all 20 circles so they are the same.
Then comes the easy part, each flap will be stapled to another flap to form a ball. I worked from the bottom up. You will need five circles to start the bottom. They will need to all meet at a point.
You will then need to add the middle layer. You will have five flaps from the bottom layer, staple a circle to each of those flaps. Then you basically fill in the spaces with another set of circles (pictured bellow)
That should leave you with five circles left. All you do now is do exactly what you did for the bottom. You will staple all five so you end up with one point on each meeting.
Now you need to attach the ribbon or thread that will hold up your ball. You will attach it through the little hole in the top. I used hot glue to attach mine on the inside, or you could just tie a large knot. You will now attach the top and bottom pieces.
Your finished! You can put the year on the string or leave the way it is. Congrats and I hope I wasn't too confusing.