Jan 27, 2011

Quiet Time Crafts

This year my New Year resolution was to get back quiet time. My littlest one will still take a two hour nap after lunch. The two older ones (7 and 5) have unfortunately out grown the nap stage, leaving me to entertain them for an extra two hours. So I implemented a mandatory 90 minute quiet time. There are only a few simple rules, no talking, no electronics, and no leaving the blanket except to use the restroom. If the rules are broken first they get a warning then they get to go to bed. Each kid has a blanket to lay on the floor, that is there space. I set the timer for 90 minutes, when the timer beeps they can clean up. They each get out all the items they think that they will need and go about entertaining themselves. To help them start using more imagination (less brain rotting garbage, ie video games) I made craft bags they can use during quiet time.
The front of one of the bags.
The back of one of the bags.
 I cut up cereal boxes, construction paper left overs, and card stock left overs into different shapes. I tried to be as creative with the shapes as I could get. I put pom poms, goggle eyes, foam shapes, and any other glueable items I could in each bag. They can pick one, grab the glue and get to work during quiet time. I use poster putty to hang them on the side of one of our shelves or they can put magnets on them and play with them on the fridge when done. I know it sounds very simple but it has been great. Normally I end up with tons of waist, papers glued together, tiny cut up pieces on the floor, and still nothing I want to save.

My 5 yr old making her monster.

Some of the critters my kids have created.
 I'm happy with the results, they will ask to get them out when they are done with school work (rather than the Nintendo DS, TV, or the Wii). The bags took about 30 minutes total time to put together and have provided hours of quiet time.


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